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Click on the Questions below to see the Answer to the specific FAQs

Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?

A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: How much does AdCoopPays Cost?

A: The cost involved is $10 per entry (plus fees when depositing to cover the payment processor fees). This is setup as a monthly internal subscription. Your initial purchase is for our Proprietary Ad Coop Rotator inclusion and Banner / Text Advertising. Every month you remain upgraded, your rotator links remain circulating in our Ad Coop. Each monthly $10 payment entitles you to an additional position placed in your own matrix. All positions purchased are yours forever, the monthly fee is not needed to maintain those positions! You may cancel your subscription at any time without penalty. You may purchase as many positions as you would like in the White Level. The $10 you pay is for the advertising that you receive in our network of sites.

Q: Can you take my monthly fee from my account balance instead of a subscription?

A: That is actually how we have set up AdCoopPays. Purchasing is a two step process, where the first step is to Deposit Funds into Your Account Balance, and the second step is to Purchase a Subscription. Each month the script will continue to request that subscription amount to come from your Account Balance each month.

Q: How can I earn with AdCoopPays?

A: There are multiple ways to earn at ACP. a) you earn by cycling through the various Earning Boards we have - this is the main and largest payout!, b) you earn referral cycle earnings every time one of your referrals cycles any level, c) you earn by purchasing positions in other programs we have in our Income Builder section to provide additional income streams as your referrals at ACP follow you there!

Q: Can I Join for Free?

A: You can join for free and unlike most programs you can earn CASH as a Free Member! You can earn Matching Cycle Bonuses, on every referral you refer to ACP.

Q: What types of payment processors do you take?

A: Currently we take Payza, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin and PerfectMoney. Login to the members area to see if we have made any additions to the list of processors accepted. We are currently looking to add OKPay as manual funding options.

Q: What is your minimum payout amount?

A: Our minimum payout amount is $5 BUT our current requirement is that you must maintain a balance of $10 in your Account Balance to cover the next month subscription amount, so you are unable to request payout until your balance reaches $15. If you wish to request payout of the entire balance in your account you can submit a support ticket and we will pay you out entirely BUT also remove your account from the system! (There is also a 5% withdraw fee applied to cover Payment Processor funding costs)

Q: What do I get for my $10?

A: For your $10 you get inclusion in our ACP proprietary Traffic Exchange Rotator Co-op, which shows your ACP referral link along with one other link of YOUR choice on the top 100+ traffic exchanges on the internet. Our goal is to provide you a minimum of 5000 Traffic Exchange views EVERY Month for your $10 monthly. You also get 500 Text Ad Impressions and 500 Side Banner Impressions, which are shown here on the various pages of ACP, along with other locations in our M2I network of sites. You are also provided access to the members only section of our ACP University to learn step by step on how to earn a living on the internet.
You are also entitled to our host of marketing resources and enabled to earn cash through the multiple income streams offered at ACP.

Q: What is the monthly cost to continue in AdCoopPays?

A: While each position your purchase for $10 is yours forever, there are monthly fees with, which allow us to keep getting you huge Traffic exchange exposure. At ACP, we do not want to just earn once, but have long term monthly residual earning. You can discontinue your subscription at any time and any positions purchased are yours to keep, though the access to the ACP Rotator Ad Co-op and monthly advertising will be discontinued.

Q: What is your policy on issuing refunds?

A: If you are not satisfied with the ACP program, you can receive a full refund by submitting a support ticket within 24 hours of your initial purchase. The refund will be to the original e-currency account you purchased with. If you have used any of the provided product then you have accepted the terms of ACP and no refund will be issued.

Q: How quickly to you pay cashout requests?

A: ACP will always pay you within 3 calender days. Our normal schedule is between 12 & 48 hours of you requesting payment. As soon as you have $5 available ($15 total) in your account balance you can request the withdrawal from the Withdrawal page in your members area. (5% Withdraw Fee to cover Processor funding costs)

Q: Am I allowed to purchase multiple positions?

A: For Sure. Note though, that regardless of the number of positions purchased and active, you are only entitled to one ACP Ad Co-op Rotator position. By purchasing extra positions though you are entitled to the extra Text Ad and Banner advertising and to increased earning potential. You can purchase extra positions from your members area in the same way as your first purchase, so that all of your positions can be managed from the same member area. If you are looking for additional ACP Ad Co-op Rotator positions, you would need to open additional accounts at ACP. Note that additional positions are allowed, but they cannot be placed under each other. This is against the terms of ACP. Also note though that you are allowed two additional family members under your own position (same IP Address). If the IP address is different then there are no restrictions on family members in your downline.

Q: Where do my additional positions fall in the matrix?

A: ALL purchased positions in The Follow Me Level always falls into your sponsor's Follow Me matrix - in the first available spot, while ALL positions in the Company Forced Level falls into the first available company wide position (filled top to bottom and left to right).

Q: Am I allowed to signup under more than one sponsor?

A: Yes you can. There are no limits to the number of accounts you have. For each account you would need a unique username and email address. Note the restrictions on members in downlines with the same IP address - maximum 2 downline members with the same IP address are allowed.

Q: Can I buy into a higher Board?

A: At this time you cannot. This keeps it fair and equitable for everyone.

Q: How Can I Use My Credit Card to Upgrade via SolidTrustPay?

A: 1) Currently you need to fund your SolidTrustPay account via your credit card first -
2) Signup and/or login to STP -
3) Add your Credit Card under MY BANKS AND CARDS
4) Submit the authorization form for the card you recently added (this link is also in MY BANKS AND CARDS:
5) Again go to MY BANKS AND CARDS - Add/View Debit/Credit Cards. On the far right of the screen select Edit/Update. Then Select the check box beside Form Sent.
6) Now you can deposit to STP using that card.
7) Go to MY MONEY >> DEPOSIT MONEY >> select the CREDIT/DEBIT OPTION. Once you make a minimum deposit of $5 your card will become verified.
8) Once those funds are available to you, then you can deposit here at OBM! (these instructions are directly from STP and subject to change - contact STP for details)

Q: Where do my monthly re-entries go and who is the referrer?

A: Your monthly re-entries follow the same order as extra purchased positions. ALL purchased positions in The Follow Me Level always falls into your sponsor's Follow Me matrix - in the first available spot, while ALL positions in the Company Forced Level falls into the first available company wide position (filled top to bottom and left to right). See above for details about additional purchased positions.

Q: Do you have a Pay-It-Forward option?

A: We currently do not have a Pay-It-Forward option as the payments are monthly. We are looking into adding the ability for you to transfer funds to other member accounts. This will be added in the next couple months.

Q: What if I do not want to participate in your affiliate program?

A: That is no problem at all. Our main focus is providing valuable advertising for a fair price. The affiliate program is just a bonus to help grow our business and those of our Advertising Partners.

Q: What is the affiliate structure? Is there spillover possible?

A: The entire affiliate structure is noted on the Details page. There is quite a lot going on, so refer to that for information.
On the initial Follow Me board, each member can have a maximum of 2 members directly under them. All other members fall below so there is a possibility of spillover, but should not be expected or waited for. In the Company Forced board, this is a company filled matrix which fills from top to bottom and left to right so that spillover here will occur, but does take time. This section is mainly to help benefit those who cannot refer others. See the Program Details page for a full explanation.

Q: How do I fill my higher levels like Follow-Me 2 or Residual Boards 1-9, etc, if people cannot buy into those levels?

A: Those levels are filled when someone you referred or someone in your downline cycles from a feeder level. So when they cycle, they move up into your downline in these higher Levesl. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU HELP YOUR DOWNLINE CYCLE AS WELL. You can do this by continuing to Promote YOUR Link after you have gotten your first 2 or 3 and also by promoting the links of your direct referrals. You can see all of your matrix details and positions in your Manage Matrix Positions page. You can see who is in your downline by clicking on the number in the Level columns of the Matrices.

Q: Who operates

A: ACP is owned and operated by Mike Peever of Ontario, Canada. Mike has been an online marketer since the late 1990s. He has been a program owner/admin for 7 plus years. His first sites are still online. was launched in early 2008 and still provides great advertising on the text ad site platform. His first affiliate marketing program, Steps2Infinity is still online as well. His other sites include;,,,,, and to name a few. Any questions can be answered via our Support link.

Q: What if my question is not answered here?

A: Submit a support ticket by clicking on the Contact Us button in the top header.

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