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Terms and

By agreeing to these terms you become a Independent Representatives (IR) of (hereafter known as ACP).
An IR is not an employee of ACP and is solely responsible for payment of their own income taxes, self employment taxes, etc..
ACP is not responsible for withholding, and shall not withhold or deduct from any commissions, bonuses, or taxes of any kind.
IR is of legal age to enter into this application and Agreement in his or her place of residence. Age 18 is considered legal in most Countries all over the World.
IR will not to use ACP's name, logo, trademark, copy, etc., without prior written approval.
IR is bound by the spam policy listed at the end of this document.

You have 24 hours in which to request a refund of your Advertising Purchase. After the 24 hour time period there are no refunds. All refund requests must be made in writing, via our support system. There will be NO refunds to members who are removed due to any breach of these Terms and Conditions. If you have used any of the advertising products made available upon purchase then the refund policy is no longer valid.

ACP does not offer any guarantee of income to any Member. Income is earned through the dedicated efforts of members making sales. ACP guarantees to deliver Advertising and Services detailed on the website in a timely manner. Replacement Advertising may be provided at equal value if for reasons beyond our control we cannot provide what is advertised. IR understands that IR is not guaranteed any income, profits, or success. IR shall make no claims or representations of actual earning potential, guaranteed or anticipated profits or sale success. Commissions / Account Balances may be requested for withdrawal at any time once they reach a minimum of $15.00 ($10 must remain in account balance for subsequent monthly coop purchase and $5 will be withdraw amount), and will be paid directly to your eCurrency account. Withdrawals are subject to a 5% administrator fee for each withdrawal, independent of amount.
ACP and its affiliates are not liable for any loss from error or failure of any online payment systems.
ACP and its affiliates are not liable for failure of any servers, websites, ISP, email, etc.

ACP and its IR's sell membership in our site which includes valuable advertising products at a hugely discounted rate. The cost is $10 and the value is at minimum 2 times the amount paid.

In order to become an IR and begin the business; IR is not required to make a purchase. IR must make a purchase of product before a withdrawal request will be processed.

Each member is responsible for keeping contact information up to date and must supply a valid email address with no autoresponders. Members who cannot be contacted with a valid e-mail address or use an autoresponder address will be deleted with a loss of all benefits. This includes the use of verification software or companies which require ACP to submit information in order to contact you.
The receipt of e-mails from ACP is a condition of membership. These include, but are not limited to our Newsletter, service updates, new product information, etc.

Multiple memberships are permitted and will be treated by ACP as a totally new and different identity. As a result it is NOT possible to combine or transfer benefits from one membership ID to another - even if owned by the same person. A unique userid must be used for each registration, and a different email address should be used.

Our current processors to make and receive transactions are Payza, EgoPay, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay. If you do not have one of these accounts contact admin or signup for one. Funding of these accounts is available from many sources and may also be provided by ACP at their discretion. Some of these may accept credit cards - effectively this means that your payments may be made by the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express. Processors incur additional fees to ACP and these are added to your purchase and may be changed at the discretion of ACP based on any changes from these processors. Withdrawals may be made to alternative processors ONLY at the discretion of ACP. The expectation is that you will withdraw funds from the same processor that you purchased with.

Is the members responsibility in the same way that a member is responsible for their bank account. Problems with payment processors should be addressed to the processor concerned as they are not linked to or a part of ACP.

IR may cancel membership, and ACP may cancel the membership, at any time. Reasons for cancellation by ACP include: IR is considered to be in violation of ethical business practices while representing ACP.

ACP will not sell or give away or distribute any of your personal information nor your email address to any person, company or organization that is not affiliated within the ACP program.

In order to maintain a viable compensation program in a competitive worldwide marketplace and comply with current law,ACP may enhance/revise compensation or Terms & Conditions without prior notice, at any time, effective upon publication.

ACP has a ZERO tolerance for Spam (Unsolicited Commercial Email). All Spam complaints are taken seriously. Spam is considered an unethical form of Internet advertising. Some states have created laws regarding Spam and many state and federal bodies are currently crafting legislation which will define and prohibit Spam.

In addition, people who send Spam can incur substantial monetary fines from any of the providers through which Spam is directed because of the time, resources and expense it can incur for the spammed business. Spam is a negative form of advertising and is HIGHLY disliked within the Internet community.

A working definition of Spam is included below. You must not send Spam via our service, or send Spam or procure the services of another company or individual to send spam, that in any way implicates our services by including the company web site domain(s) or any other web site associated with ACP. This includes mentioning a ACP's email address or URL in any bulk email message.

If you violate our Spam Policy you will:

Have your web site terminated immediately, without notice and without refund, if you are using one of our paid systems.
Have a MINIMUM of $1000 claim filed against you in a court of law.
Be immediately reported to your ISP provider.
Be reported to additional proper authorities to take action against you.
Be permanently banned from ALL ACP systems

* ACP reserves the right to determine what constitutes a violation of our Spam Policy. The sole opinion of ACP is ABSOLUTE in determining any and all spam violations.

Should ACP's service or web sites be disrupted in anyway due to spamming, the responsible party will be charged and billed $500.00 per hour until service is restored. You may also be subject to legal action if appropriate.

Definition of Spam:
Spam is the sending of unsolicited and unauthorized emails or online communications such as but not limited to bulletin boards, user groups, or instant messaging services to individuals or businesses who do not know you personally, have not agreed or requested to receive your emails, or have not provided their email address directly to the sender. It is also an email sent to a recipient who would not have a reasonable expectation of receiving email from the sender. Spam can be a single email or a bulk mailing.

Posting messages to Usenet or News groups that explicitly forbid the posting of commercial solicitations or solicitations not pertaining to their content is Spam.
Opt-out lists where a person is specifically required to request removal from a mailing list in order to prevent solicitation is Spam.
Hiring a company that is mailing out to a list of people with your opportunity that did not specifically request to receive your information beforehand is considered Spam.


By applying for membership, I indicate my prior agreement to all ACP's Terms & Conditions.

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68038+ Members
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